Fire On Holy Ground E.P.

Al Shields & The Delahayes

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  1. 1 Counting The Hours 03:19
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  2. 2 Closer 03:58
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  3. 3 Kick Your Feet Up 03:02
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  4. 4 Holy Ground 03:05
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  5. 5 The Road 03:42
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  6. 6 The Boys In The Band 04:20
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Previous events


Hazy Recollections @ Glasgow Americana

The Admiral Bar, Waterloo St, Glasgow

Our annual concert in association with The Hazy Recollections gang always proves to be a popular one.

Line up this year includes our out of town visitor in Woody Pines, plus some of the best Scottish Acts on the scene, including Yvonne Lyon, Al Shields, Adriana Spina, and Noah and The West River Band.

We have moved this show to a slightly bigger venue here to keep up with demand.


Al Shields & The Delahayes w/ Black cat Bone

Stereo, Glasgow

Full band show supporting Black Cat Bine and Dixie Fried



Leith Depot, Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Born from the Big City Folk Songwriting Collective, Caves & Clouds is the minimalist, vocal, lyric driven folk duo you've always wanted. Support from Pete Deane and the Black Kites and local lad Al Shields Music Doors £10 entry or contact 0780916230 to purchase tickets..



It’s half 12 at night. The Bourne Identity is on TV, my girlfriend is crocheting a teddy bear for my newborn nephew Archie, and i’m at a loose end.

So I figured I’d start a blog.

More than anything, it’s an incentive to keep me pro-active. I reckon if I make a vow to myself (and you guys) to update this page frequently, then I had better get off my arse and find stuff to write about, be it gig news, releases, music recommendations, and maybe some home-made videos? Who knows?

Apparently it’s important in this day and age for independent musicians to have a busy web presence, so i have spent this last week promoting my new Some Songs EP (check it out on the website), and as a result I now have more web pages than Justin Beiber. Possibly.

I’m gonna keep this first blog short. It’s just for practice. While you’re waiting for another one, you should check out Josh T. Pearson. He’s awesome, if you like downbeat melancholy country songs. But hey, who doesn’t?


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